PariMatch betting in USA

If you are interested in what is happening on the american bookmaking market for sports betting, you certainly know that over the past few years a lot has changed. First of all, the gambling act was amended, which legally regulates all standards related to the bookmaker. As a result of changes in the regulations, many entities had to withdraw services from our country, because their activities were not registered in USA, which meant that the tax liability did not go to the american Treasury, but to other countries.


Due to the tightening of regulations, the situation of bookmakers in USA has improved significantly. Previously, they had no chance with operators who offered players the opportunity to earn more, of course at the expense of taxes. There are serious criminal consequences for the changes introduced in 2017 for playing with illegal bookmakers.

What conditions must a bookmaker meet to be considered legal on american territory? First and foremost, it must obtain a american license of the Ministry of Finance. In the area of ​​gambling, the supremacy of EU law does not work, as each country has the right to adapt the rules at its own discretion.


If a given bookmaker does not appear on the list of the Minister of Finance, nor is it mentioned by trusted websites dealing with bookmaking issues, it is probably an illegal operator.

PariMatch among legitimate bookmakers – sports betting legal

At the end of last year, several new licenses fell to new plants. Among other things, since October 2018, PariMatch can organize online betting without fear of legal consequences for its clients from USA (license number – PS4.6831.3.2018). Although the permit was received at the end of last year, we had to wait a bit for the offer and website. This is not surprising, because adapting the proposal to the expectations of american customers is time consuming. Especially if the quality of the website itself is monitored, and it is known that it takes a while to take care of technical details.


However, we finally got it and in April PariMatch bookmakers started on the Internet. Therefore, we can look at what this operator has offered us. Earlier, i.e. before the amendment to the Act, PariMatch received positive feedback from players, so customers expect a lot now. Can it compete with the bookmakers’ existing on the american market? What is the situation with disciplines, types of bets or promotions? We looked closely at the bookmaker’s website to be able to answer the customers’ most bothering questions.

New PariMatch bookmaker offer

After six months of preparation, you can really expect a lot from the bookmaker’s offer. And it is no different in this case. The player has at his disposal over 30 sports, where there are popular sports (such as football, tennis, basketball, handball) and those interesting selected people (cycling, sailing, chess, pesapallo).


Players have plenty of choice because there are many leagues and events to bet on within a given discipline. Take for example the popular football – there will be leagues from different countries, larger or smaller events. World Cup, Euro, Champions League, as well as youth leagues from different countries – something good for everyone.

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